The perfect 'home' pants

When I worked a 9-to-5, carefully choosing an outfit was a non-negotiable part of my morning routine. But when I made the shift to freelance, the instinct petered out. I started saving my “nice” clothes (a.k.a. items I wouldn’t sleep or paint a house in) for when I left the house, and wore my wardrobe dregs exclusively: cotton leggings with a saggy ass, orange cargo pants from my teenage years replete with pocket-imprint of my long-gone Nokia 5210, a pair of oversized sweatpants I nicknamed my “gastro pants” because I stole them from my parents’ house when I had food poisoning. With no place to be and no one to see during the day, my domestic attire hit a rock bottom.

After a while, though, I noticed a shift in my mood. I was acting as sloppily as I dressed. I would forget to reply to texts and let the dishes pile up. I almost murdered my favorite indoor plant (which typically thrived off neglect). My motivation was M.I.A and something needed to change. I decided to ditch the wardrobe dregs and bring back getting dressed for myself, even if I didn’t plan to see a soul. The ritual grounded my day, I realized, and more than that, made me feel good.

But once I’d said au revoir to my early-2000s cargos, I still yearned for a level of at-home comfort my high-waisted button-fly jeans could not offer. Which led to another epiphany: I needed the perfect home pants. A garment that seamlessly married comfort and style, that I could lounge around all day in, make an emergency dash to the bodega in, and most importantly readily go to the bathroom in (I pee a lot). The ultimate domestic wardrobe companion.

I took my search seriously, combing the internet, visiting my favorite stores, and at one desperate point drawing my dream pair on a cafe napkin vowing to manufacture them myself. When I eventually found them (more on that below), I bought two. And I’ve been consequently so transformed by them that I now want everyone to find the perfect home pants.

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This article was originally published on Man Repeller.

Lisa Marie Corso